To the editor:

Less than one minute. 

That’s all it took to kill 29 innocent people and destroy countless other lives. 


That’s the number of mass shootings in the U.S. in 2019, so far. 

Less than 24 hours. 

That’s the time span between two slaughters in two major American cities. And in order to “qualify” as a mass shooting, there have to be at least four casualties.

And the Senate, led by the amoral Mitch McConnell with the support of a spineless Republican majority, including Wyoming’s own, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, refuses to even consider sane gun control legislation. 

Why? What private citizen needs an assault weapon?

And just who are these citizens committing these atrocities? Not immigrants, legal or illegal. Not Muslim terrorists. They’re home-grown terrorists, most, if not all, of whom openly subscribe to the doctrine of white supremacy. 

Read their postings, their manifestos. They admire and feel supported by the rantings of the POTUS who refuses to denounce them. They see themselves reflected in the mobs who chant, “Send her home.” They feel encouraged to annihilate, or at the very least abuse, those who’ve been told there’s no place, no room, for them here ... ethnic minorities, people of color, the LGBTQ population, Jews, liberals, children at the borders.

Who are we? Didn’t we used to stand for and strive to model values such as dignity, respect, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, generosity and, yes, intelligence? 

When the so-called leader of the Free World openly mocks and denigrates those who criticize him and praises known despots, what message does it send to our allies? 

When we as a nation refuse to acknowledge the impending disaster of climate change, what does it say about what we’re willing to invest in the future of our children? When our administration ignores the warnings of its own security experts regarding outside infiltration of our electoral system, how can we not feel that our democracy is being undermined? 

And when the president’s best response to accusations of rape is “She’s not my type, anyway,” what are we teaching our children about the sanctity of male-female relationships and the morality that should start at the top?

There is rot in our country. It can’t just boil down to one issue, pro-life, that keeps Christians supporting this administration. Doesn’t “pro-life” include those who are already living amongst us? 

Between Powell and Cody, 40 people showed up for a Lights for Liberty vigil to call attention to the children separated from their families and to those living in abhorrent conditions at our borders. 

Where are the voices of outrage? Where are the good people who cannot stay silent anymore? Please help me understand what you’re doing to save our country. Aren’t we better than this?

Is this the United States our veterans fought to preserve? Is this the country that welcomed immigrants such as my grandparents who emotionally passed the Statue of Liberty just before the final test of admission at Ellis Island? Have we become so selfish that as long as we have jobs, as long as our stocks continue to rise, as long as nobody’s knocking at our doors to take us away, we’re content to look the other way? 

History repeats itself. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner said this, “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormenter, never the tormented.”

Please speak out.

(s) Harriet Bloom-Wilson


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Shield of Faith

I posted a comment earlier today and do not see it. I have reviewed your Welcome to the Discussion criteria and my comments are within your guidelines

Maybe you are unable to refute my post


you posted it on the wrong article

Gunrunner Auctions

No laws in the USA mention "need" when something is prohibited. By doing so the legislators could open themselves up to Communist type laws that would say an American citizen doesn't really "need" a 5000 sq. ft. house or 500 acres or a 700 hp. Corvette or a "need" for "excessive" free speech so they could shut down a radio show or a TV show or a radio station or that a person does not "need" three children.... The list goes on and on. "Need" is not something we talk about as Good Americans.

I don't know what this letter writer means by "Assault Weapon" as there is no definition of that other than a full-auto military weapon. Those are not the firearms used in two examples she cites of misuse by mentally ill persons.

Rather I think she is referring to semi-auto firearms. These are perfectly legal and will remain legal as there are MILLIONS of them in this country and millions more being manufactured yearly. I don't know of anyone who doesn't own several. They serve many purposes and Good Americans enjoy owning them.

Again, trying to "control" these semi-auto firearms has NOT worked for CA. There are mass murders committed in that state using everything from handguns to pump action firearms to semi-automatic firearms. Gun control simply does not work.

It is a liberal concept to advocate "gun control" or to imagine that firearms can somehow be "deinvented". That is a very anti-intellectual stance. Advocating gun control of any kind is against our very U.S. Bill of Rights. I don't know why this letter writer does not understand that.

When an elected official is sworn to duty, they must swear to uphold the Constitution/Bill of Rights. What part of the Second Amendment's "... wlll not be infringed upon..." do these people not understand? My elected officials understand it. Hence, they will NOT move on infringement.

I don't agree at all on Mrs. Wilson's approach to politics, laws or life. But then we live in America and people are free to live the life they wish. I believe I will keep my semi-auto firearms and continue to carry a handgun(s) concealed on my person daily. I will not be victim of a mass shooting.

The only way extreme force can be stopped is by a superior extreme force. Take for example what happened when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor: They killed over 4,000 of our men on December 7, 1941. Then we met their excessive force with a LARGER extreme force and never again have they bothered us. The same must be done with these mass killers. If they survive, the media needs to not glorify them by telling every detail about them, they must go to a speedy trial and be put to death. That sends a message.

If LE takes them on with superior excessive force and terminates them - that too sends a message. There is no other way.

(Edited by staff.)


Of course private citizens need their AR-15's, exactly as much as they need RPG's , shoulder mount Stingers, street sweeper shotguns, hand grenades ad absurdum. The voices in their head tell them so... it's screaming " Second amendment , Second amendment.... ". Gosh , you'd think the Ten Commandements had their own supplemental Bill of Rights that also said that... the 12th Commandment, right ?

The problem with gun violence and mass shootings across America is not mental illness. America has no monopoly on mental illness. The problem is not violent video games... otherwise the mass shooting capitol of the world would be Tokyo. The problem is not racism or bigotry or xenophobia all by themselves in measure... lots of countries have those same pandemics.

The gun violence problem in America is due almost entirely to the Gun Culture and is fed by hate. Nothing to be proud of. I do not see too many berserkers and white supremacists running amok in the streets with clubs, swords, and the jawbone of a donkey as deployed in scripture....


No we don't need those but neither do we need all the cars, trucks clothes etc we buy. Those poor kids Arte always the left den talking point to tug at the heart strings, but forget it this is a free country and we don't have to need something to buy and own it and by the way you have you numbers wrong.

The issue is nut jobs not guns the issue is a society with such a low grade of morals that the lowest common denominator of deviancy is ok. The issue is the people not the gun. The issue is all over this country the leftist liberal democrats think it is ok to ignore laws they don'y agree with, well news flash if you think American law biding citizens will turn over of give up 20-4o million of these guns you in a fantasy world.

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