To the editor:

Just over a year ago, the City of Cody created a new City Committee – the Cody Public Art Committee. Our mission is to bring public art to Cody that connects us all to the West’s enduring spirit.

In less than a year, the CPAC has installed three iconic bronze sculptures on Sheridan Avenue and City Park. It was a lot of work and there are a few people we would like to thank publicly. Specifically, we want to thank Mayor Hall and the City Council for creating the CPAC and authorizing us to develop a public art plan.

We also want to thank City staff Barry Cook, Scott Kolpitcke, Leslie Brumage, Cindy Baker, Eric Asay and Rick Manchester. Cody is fortunate to have such dedicated employees and we thank each of them.

Next, we want to thank Steve Decker for fabricating the pedestals. Steve is a real pro and a pleasure to work with. We also want to thank Ray Lozier, Acker Electric and his employees, Rick Cook and his employees at Cook Moving & Storage, Terry Collins, Marquis Awards, and Peter Seibert and Bev Perkins, BBCW. Without these people, we could not have accomplished so much in a short time.

It really does take a village and Cody stepped up to help us bring beautiful, professional public art to our community. If you would like to help us continue to bring public art to Cody, go to the City of Cody public art committee website and make a donation.

And join us in City Park for the dedication of the Harry Jackson, Sor Capanna, bronze.

Thank you, Cody.

(s) Cindy Katz


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