To the editor:

As someone who has suffered because of taking FDA-approved drugs, I have been forced to discover there are potentially better health options not approved by this faulty government agency.

Does anyone recall the deaths and diseases caused by such approved drugs as thalidomide, Vioxx, Fen-Phen, Bextra or Baycol? How about all of the annual addictions and deaths from opiate painkillers, antidepressants, or anti-anxiety meds? Even aspirin has an acute overdose mortality rate of 2 percent and a chronic overdose death rate of 25 percent, which is especially severe in children and kills people each year.

Cannabis toxicity has not killed one human in thousands of years of use.

People do not bat an eye when feeding their kids FDA approved meth (Adderall is linked to sudden unexplained death), but too many stand in opposition of medical cannabis because it does not carry the government stamp of approval. Doping children with amphetamines to make them focus better is OK, but marijuana cannot be medicine because it does not come in a pharmacy dispensed pill? This ignorant perception needs to be put down.

Cannabis has the potential to replace multiple drugs in a person’s medicine cabinet all without the severe and lethal side effects.

It is sad when unscientific dogma prevents suffering people from accessing minimal-risk help. The FDA refuses to consider cannabis, because it is classified as a Schedule I drug having no medical benefit but a high potential for abuse and harm on par with heroin. Scientists, doctors, and patients around the world know that this is not true, and so we have been forced to push through legislation to allow for the use of this herb.

For some of us, cannabis is the only medicine that eases the symptoms of debilitating disease. If we can find some relief here and nowhere else – relief and a better life without complications – how can anyone stand in the way and proclaim it invalid while having no personal experience or scientific data to back it up?

Please join the thousands of people in this state that want cannabis as a medicine prescribed by their doctors. Please sign Wyoming NORML’s petition to put medical cannabis and industrial hemp on the ballot in 2018, and please vote to help the sick and suffering in your community.

I stand with the father of modern medicine when I say, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Cannabis is a vegetable.

Any who wish to sign the petition privately can contact me at (307) 587-5003, and I will go out of my way to collect. Thank you, and remember this initiative is only about helping the legitimately sick and allowing industrial hemp farming in Wyoming.

(s) Bennett Sondeno,


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