Todd Darin Nichols

Todd Darin Nichols

Todd Darin Nichols, 54, of Cody, died Oct. 3, 2018, at the Aurora Colorado Hospital from complications due to cirrhosis.

Todd was known to many as a man with plenty of hobbies. Whether he was playing in pool league, fixing up hot rods, or building cabinets – he always kept himself busy with his passions.

After graduating Cody High School in 1982, Todd moved to California where he found various jobs until he acquired enough cooking skills to later become a sous chef for a fine-dining restaurant.

At 20, Todd joined the Army National Guard where he achieved high-security clearance in communications, later switching his career to artillery. He served in the Army for eight years and always spoke highly of his unforgettable experience.

Todd attempted college for two years at Valley City University in North Dakota for communication. Not finishing college, he turned his interests to carpentry. This is when Todd moved back to Cody in 1988 and worked for Gail Construction for many years before working for E&H Enterprises LLC, Ackerman Construction LLC and various custom projects in Park County for some time. Todd was a master carpenter.

Todd is survived by his two children, Matthew and Aaron, as well as his brother Brett Nichols and his children, Dustin and Katie; and sister Alycia Bilbrey and her husband Alan. 

Todd was a great father, friend, and showed how wonderful and genuine a person can be. 

Todd always surrounded himself with beloved friends who always had a good time (a little too much fun sometimes). Todd was an exceptional person and left this world far too soon. His sense of humor, charisma, wisdom and cherished personality will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

A Celebration of Life for Todd will be held at the Cody VFW on Aug. 24, from 4-7 p.m. Anyone who would like to join in this Celebration of Life is more than welcome to come; food and beverages will be provided. There will be plenty of stories, so come and share yours. 

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Matthew you wrote this just perfectly, your dad loved you and Aaron so much! A lot of hard knocks for one guy, but he always took it in stride. I miss him very much, last of the classic rockers.

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