Fredrick William Martin

Fredrick William Martin

Fredrick William Martin lived a life, blessed and long. He died peacefully July 21, 2019, at the Cody Regional Long Term Care Center.

Fred was born Jan. 27, 1923, the first son born in a town called Severance with eight beautiful sisters and three handsome brothers, Fred was born into a crowd of redheads, like no other.

Dropped from a buggy with a broken back as a baby, he still got up and danced right up until his last days with all the ladies.

Fred was in the Navy in WWII, sailing to American Samoa where he served steadfast and true. This sailor finished off his service as a watchful eye, on the nets around “The Rock” stationed at Treasure Island, nearby.

The love of his life, Miss Betty Diemer, with him for 40 short years of dancing and grins, started out in Cody, where they did build a home on homesteaded land where Buffalo Bill once roamed. Working and adopting two kids of his own, halfway thru his life is when he brought them home, although some nieces and nephews would argue, he was a father to them first, Brenda and Fred Jr. surely made his heart burst.

A hunter, fisher, farmer, lover of auctions and a cowboy too, those boots were made for walking, and that’s exactly what they did in Torrington, where he and Betty lived. She died six short years after they moved to Torrington and he lived on, for 30-plus years working on that impeccable lawn.

As age and life takes its toll on us all, Fred Martin started to lose his sight of it all. Most of us might give in or give up with no fight, not Fred, oh no, even with no license because of sight.

Cruising the west highway in a golf cart that he refused to just keep to the right, he really must have thought he was being sly, but a warning was issued for trying to wave the trooper on by. A call to his daughter ended up in a fight, but I bet that golf cart was sure pretty in all those flashing lights.

Avoiding the tarnishing of an unblemished criminal record, he took the riding lawn mower to town out of spite, and almost landed himself in the clink, because by then, they had him in their sights.

He was a joker, prankster, social butterfly, often out with friends, Frank and Ava, for a cold VO and 7. I’m sure all the sounds from the slots in his room at Evergreen, made it seem as though he was already in heaven. “I hit the jackpot,” he would exclaim, even if the payout was only in tokens of foreign.

The Moose, The Legion, The Elks, the VFW? A lifetime member and faithful to all. A warning was issued, if he was there, he was busy, and may not answer your call.

Laughing and joking with Rehney, he would boast, “That’s how life goes, first your money, then your clothes”.

Well Fred Martin, more power to you. You lived longer retired, as 33 years working hard for Continental Pipeline, certainly flew. 70 years young or 104, in the end, no one really knew for sure.

A very brief history of a super long life, and God surely knows you did a lot of things right.

In a conversation with Jesus, you said he had let you know about the place to which you were going, you kept it to yourself, you left us hanging, anxious for knowing. At that last final breath, it became crystal clear, the peace in that room was calm and overflowing.

Your life was a gift shared with family and friends, and our hearts journey with you, as the hereafter begins.

We hope you’re still dancing and smiling down on us. We hope that someone up there finally fulfilled your request, and at last, you have that million bucks.

P.S. I myself have one pressing question, please tell me now. Is there halibut in heaven? – Collaboration by Cathleen Link & Brenda Martin

Fred is survived by sisters Katherine Lambert of Cody and Ruth (Chuck) Medina of Sheridan; children Brenda Martin of Johnstown, Colo. and Fred (Tracy) Martin Jr. of Dickinson, N.D.; granddaughters Rehney Martin of Lubbock, Texas, Kaysha Martin of Casper and Katlin Martin of Casper; grandsons Army SPC Bailey (Sidney) Martin of Honolulu, HawaiI and Alex Martin of Denver, Colo.; also survived by numerous nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by wife Betty, mother Katherine Hauf, father Fredrick Martin; sisters Lydia, Annie, Bertha, Lorraine, Molly and Mary Ann; and brothers Walt (a.k.a. Red), Howard and Bob.

Memorial service will be 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 2, 2019, at Ballard Funeral Home with military honors.

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