Ryan Quinn

A Cody man will receive 3-5 years in prison after pleading no contest to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. In March he stabbed his wife in the back with a kitchen knife.

The sentence comes after about a month and a half of ambiguity as to what Ryan Quinn’s sentence would be. 

If sentenced on all five counts he was originally charged with, he could have received up to 12 years in prison and $13,000 in fines.

After the victim, Kym Casner, had submitted her statement as to what she would like to see the punishment be, she changed her desire shortly before a September change of plea hearing, stating she wanted Quinn to serve prison time.

The county’s former deputy prosecuting attorney Leda Pojman had already negotiated a plea deal for five years supervised probation based on the victim’s original statement and prosecuting attorney Jack Hatfield said he would still honor the previously held agreement, but did not offer any further testimony backing up this position. Simpson announced he would not accept this plea at the Friday hearing.

“I do that based upon the statement made by the victim,” Simpson said. “I am very concerned about the victim.”

Quinn’s private attorney Sarah Miles immediately submitted what became the final plea.

In total, Simpson delayed making a judgement on Quinn’s sentence three times before handing out a final decision on Monday. 

“I won’t be rushed in this court,” he said.

The final delay occurred because Simpson wanted to make sure Casner was aware Park County could not fulfill a parole request she made. It is the Wyoming Department of Corrections that manages parole for incarcerees.

In addition to serving prison time, Quinn will also be required to pay a $1,000 fine, $7,509 in restitution and other court fees. He also pled guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol as part of the sentence. In custody since March 20, he will receive 218 days credit for time served. Simpson said he would like Quinn to pay off 25-30 percent of his fines while incarcerated and at a rate of $175 a month once released.

Quinn’s family was in attendance at every one of the recent hearings. At his final sentencing, he hugged his crying mother, telling her, “Everything is going to be alright.”

After it was announced Casner had changed her statement, Simpson delayed all court proceedings related to the case until Oct. 23. That day a letter from Casner was read aloud to the courtroom.

“Ryan Quinn’s crimes have uprooted my entire life,” Casner wrote. “ I have to remember this violence towards me for the rest of my life.”

She said she has suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome disorder, financial hardship, loss of employment and had to leave Cody and move in with her parents in California because of the incident. On June 14, she was charged by Cody Police for driving under the influence of controlled substances.

Before Casner’s letter, Simpson had stated at the September hearing he was prepared to accept it the no-jail plea deal.

“The court has been very gracious in allowing the victim … to have her say in these proceedings,” Miles said.

The crime occurred on March 20 at the couple’s home inside the Green Acres Mobile Home Park on Rocky Road. 

According to the police affidavit, after a physical struggle in the bathroom of their mobile home, Quinn stabbed his then-wife with a serrated knife that had an 8.25 inch blade. Casner’s wound was 3 millimeters long.

“I was stabbed in the back with a large kitchen knife while talking with a dispatcher,” Casner wrote in her letter to the court.

She said she suffered deep tissue bruising and could not sleep for a significant time after the event.

“The description of what the victim has had to endure is painful,” Simpson said.

After fleeing the scene in his 2013 BMW, Quinn returned 90 minutes later and tested positive for a .223 blood alcohol concentration. 

Quinn expressed remorse for the incident when speaking to the courtroom during the last hearing. There were also 10 letters submitted to the court on his behalf.

“The Ryan I know harbors goodness within his soul,” Miles said. “He is more than the individual on paper for the felony information.”

Miles also spoke to her client’s intelligence, willingness to seek alcohol treatment and his potential for a brighter future.

Two counts of domestic battery and interference with an emergency call were also dismissed per the plea agreement. Simpson said Quinn will likely be held in the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington. 

“There is no such thing as a victimless crime. It is a small stone cast out onto a large pond and it disseminates and emanates infinitely,” Simpson told Quinn. “You can move forward with your life but you’re never going to forget. I want this to be at the forefront of your mind.”

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