Wind damage to lines near Cody caused a power outage Tuesday that affected the entire city – and much of the rest of the county.

The Western Area Power Administration office in Cody confirmed Wednesday that wind apparently damaged a line near the Big George power station near the landfill south of Cody.

It couldn’t be confirmed whether the damage amounted to a snapped line, broken insulator, or some other problem, said Randy Wilkerson of the WAPA corporate services office in Lakewood, Colo.

The outage occurred at 10:42 a.m. and affected Cody, Powell and Lovell, Wilkerson said.

The power was restored gradually, starting about noon, he said.

Full power was restored in Cody just before 1 p.m., Public Works Director Steve Payne said.

WAPA crews had de-energized a line near Lovell so they could trim tree branches there, Payne and Wilkerson said.

When WAPA tried to re-route power to the line running out of Big George, it was discovered that line wouldn’t take power, Wilkerson said.

“We sent people out to patrol the line and pinpoint where the trouble was,” he said.

Rocky Mountain Power customers in parts of the county were not affected, Payne said. Still, some RMP customers get power pulled from WAPA lines, and were also without electricity during the outage, he added.

Crews had to re-energize the line near Lovell, to start getting the power back on, and gradually restored it until the damage south of Cody could be repaired, Wilkerson said.

The site of the damage was near where a WAPA power line snapped because of wind and ice strain Feb. 23.

That incident caused a nearly two-hour outage that affected Cody, Powell, Willwood, Ralston and Garland.

WAPA is a federal entity that distributes power for the Department of Energy.

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