A grizzly bear roams through downed trees earlier in July in Yellowstone.

Making official what was ordered by a federal court last September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday restored the Yellowstone grizzly bear to Endangered Species Act protection.

Although people reacted strongly to this action now, the federal agency and Wyoming Game and Fish officials have been operating under that guideline for nearly 10 months already.

“It is extremely disappointing that grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region will be added back to the endangered species list due to a frivolous lawsuit and a flawed court decision,” said U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi.

Responding to a lawsuit filed by a group of conservation groups, Missoula Judge Dana Christensen halted delisting and returned supervision of the area grizzly to Fish and Wildlife, saying the agency had not used the best available science to make its delisting decision.

Grizzly management had been returned to the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho in 2017.

Still, Wyoming’s congressional delegation took the opportunity to criticize the court and Fish and Wildlife.

This roadblock surfaced after decades of nurturing the Yellowstone grizzly population to more than 700 after it declined to 136 in the 1970s and multi-governmental-agency agreement the species was recovered.

Wyoming’s U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney said Tuesday’s action was the “result of excessive litigation pursued by radical environmentalists intent on destroying our Western way of life.”

Cheney has pursued delisting the Yellowstone grizzly through Congressional action, but there has been no movement on that front.

Sen. John Barasso said, “The grizzly is fully recovered in Wyoming. End of story. The last three administrations made the determination that the grizzly bear has recovered.”

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Policy dictated by a single judge in Missoula, MT, who is firmly in the pocket of the radical environmentalists.

Wapiti 1

"Destroying our Western way of life" -- translated in this context that means killing grizzly bears for profit. What a great way of life Rep. Cheney!


So, we learn it only takes ten months for a federal agency to pull its head out of it....Stetson ...and comply with a court ruling.

We also learn that Mrs. Elizabeth Perry a/k/a/ " The Virginian" Liz Cheney does not know science when she sees it, but that is all to typical of her party these days. Why let facts and science get in the way of government greed and partisan power plays ? CC the Memo to Barrasso.

Finally , Wyoming being sent to the doghouse yet again will have to elarn once and for all that Grizzlies ( and Grey Wolves) are not theirs to do with as they please - usually shoot them. They never were " your" bears or wolves. There are larger more important considerations beyond state boundaries. Just having X number of animals does not declare recovery by fiat. Now comes the hard part: sustainability and expansion, for which Wyoming has no clue nor willingness. More doghouse time for Game & Fish.

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