On Saturday, Rebecca Brantz helped say goodbye on behalf of the Cody High School class of 2019.

“This is the apex of an amazing accomplishment,” she said.

With the flip of a tassel, 126 CHS seniors officially became graduates.

Brantz was one of those, having been chosen to give a farewell speech.

Sweitzer Gymnasium was filled with supporters of the graduating class. The seniors marched in to “Pomp and Circumstance” and the applause of the audience. CHS Synergy sung the national anthem.

Senior class president Kathleen Farmer thanked the faculty, staff and family members in attendance, then expressed her admiration for her classmates.

“You truly had a positive impact on the halls of CHS,” she said.

Following Synergy’s performance of “I’ll Be There for You,” the valedictorian and salutatorian delivered their addresses.

Salutatorian Natalie Call thanked all of the people who had stood behind the graduates through four years of high school. 

Looking back, she called on her fellow graduates to remember times when they broke the mold.

“Think of a time you did something different; something unexpected,” she said.

Call encouraged the graduates to keep pursuing experiences like that; to try new things and seek out excellence.

Valedictorian Claire Pfister went to great lengths to express her thanks to everyone who had helped make their success possible – from parents to counselors and bus drivers to cafeteria cooks. She also looked back on an eventful four years

“We have had experiences that we never would have imagined as freshmen,” she said.

Principal Jeremiah Johnston presented his office’s annual award of excellence to Katie Couture. The class’ 55 honor students were also recognized.

As a parting joke, graduates put a sticker on Johnston as they shook his hand while receiving their diplomas. When the last diploma had changed hands, the audience joined in singing the high school song.

Brantz and Kavan Johnston were selected by their classmates to deliver the farewell addresses. 

Brantz opened with congratulations to her classmates. She compared the journey to high school to a game of chutes and ladders where seniority was earned and lost at each step. She said graduation is another push down the chute, but that the future is full of possibility. She encouraged the class not to think they peaked in high school.

“Our potential will never end,” she said.

Johnston considered the prospect of leaving high school behind, saying it would be bittersweet.

“When this speech is long forgotten, I will still remember your faces,” he said.

He compared high school to a chapter in a story and encouraged his fellow graduates to go and write a new one.

With that, the audience was presented with the class of 2019. The graduates turned their tassels and sent their caps flying. Confetti cannons were brought out, and the class left the gym to the background music of “Sweet Caroline.”

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