Grizzly tracks spotted last week on Bluebird Lane east of Cody. (Photo by Donna Myers)

A grizzly bear apparently cutting through town left a big impression last week.

Determined to be a sub-adult grizzly, the bear left behind visible tracks on ground softened and muddied by the heavy rains.

Game and Fish bear expert Dusty Lasseter was called in to investigate the tracks May 28 and 29 on Bluebird Lane near the Greybull Highway to determine what animal made them.

“I looked at those tracks,” he said. “It was definitely grizzly tracks.”

Although Lasseter did not actually see the bear, the evidence indicates it was a young grizzly most likely weighing 150-250 pounds.

“You could see the claws clearly,” Lasseter said.

This is not an area where bears are regularly seen.

“Distribution increases as our population is growing and expanding,” Lasseter said. “You see them in a new area.”

In recent seasons, G&F and other agencies have regularly reported grizzly bears turning up in brand-new areas, or regions where they have not been seen for years.

There have been no additional reports of this bear being spotted since last week, Lasseter said.

“We don’t know where it’s gone from there,” he said.

The grizzly may have left the Cody area completely or remained nearby.

“Sometimes they head back to suitable habitat,” Lasseter said.

He said two autumns ago an adult grizzly male was observed in the same area.

“It wasn’t seen again,” he said. “It ghosted.”

If residents view any sign of this young bear returning to populated areas, they are encouraged to call G&F, Lasseter said.

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This bear is now located at the headwaters of Dry creek behind the Greybull Hwy subdivision, just rambling around and not bothering anybody. doubt we'll call the G&F to "confirm" something we already know

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Fox Blue River

I saw Grizz tracks on Cedar Mountain last year, somebody told me there were never bears there.


How does the author justify saying the animal ' cut thru town ' when the observed tracks were 3-4 miles outside the City limits in a decidedly rural setting ?

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