Starting at the Stampede and 17th stoplight by East Gate Plaza and moving west, the city streets division is set to begin two weeks of chip sealing on Monday or soon afterward.

Considered a cost-effective maintenance treatment for paved roads, chip seal in Cody is paid for with nearly $1 million in 1-cent sales and use tax revenue divided over four years. This is year three.

To chip seal, a thin layer of heated asphalt liquid is put on the road followed by a thin layer of small rocks. A steamroller compacts the layer, and excess stones are swept away. This method extends the life of a road and waterproofs the underlying foundation.

For the most part, streets will remain open while chip sealing takes place, said Phillip Bowman, public works director. Sections may be closed for a short duration while the liquid asphalt and chips are put down. An alternate driving route will be provided. 

The first day will span 17th to 23rd and 16th Street, Stampede to Meadow Lane. The process will continue daily through Aug. 27 or so, generally around Livingston School, Stampede and to the south, including the golf course, Skyline Drive, Heart Mountain, Alpine and 14th from Stampede to Beck Lake. 

Go to cityofcody-wy. gov/DocumentCenter for a detailed daily chip seal schedule. The daily list is a general guide and subject to change. 

People who live or work in the area should watch for door hanger notifications the day before chip seal operations start on their street. They are asked to remove vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. from the street before 6 a.m. on the scheduled day. The city will tow any vehicle left on the street at the owner’s expense. 

To facilitate the process, from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. residents are asked to turn off anything such as lawn sprinklers that would put water on the street on their chip seal day.  

Anyone traveling through chip seal areas is asked to use caution and watch for crews and equipment. Street sweeping to remove loose gravel will start after the last chip seal day. 

ADA on Beck

The City of Cody will possibly move its pedestrian ramp project to Beck Avenue. 

This is the second of a two-year, city-wide project to convert sidewalk ramps to Americans With Disabilities Act standards. It is paid for with 1-cent sales tax money.

Due to its higher traffic and pedestrian volume, it’s harder to prevent disrupting people’s use of the street and sidewalks.

“We are working with the contractor to identify ways to minimize impacts,” Bowman said. 

Construction will mainly impact parking. Bowman said the plan is to keep through-lane traffic open. 

“If we have to divert traffic around, it will be for a short duration as we pour concrete,” he said. 

Call the streets division, (307) 587-2958, for more information about either project.

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