Peg Monteith

The Cody School District has its interim superintendent and she’s no stranger to the school system.

On Friday the school board accepted the recommendation of chair Brandi Nelson to appoint Peg Monteith to lead the district, starting Monday, until a new superintendent is hired.

Monteith, who has directed special education and other support services for the district, is the first woman to preside over the school system as superintendent.

“I am honored and humbled that the board of trustees had enough faith in my leadership to appoint me to this position for the next 18 months,” Monteith said. “The district has a very strong and talented leadership team and I look forward to guiding initiatives forward with their help.”

Assistant superintendent Tim Foley will remain in his role and Nelson said the district would work to hire a new director of support services to replace Monteith.

Nelson, on behalf of the trustees, sent a letter to staff detailing the changes.

“With Mr. Foley’s wishes to remain in his role as assistant superintendent, we think the two will make a great team moving the district forward during this transition,” she said in part. “It is anticipated that a new superintendent will be hired on or before June 30, 2021.

That’s the date former superintendent Ray Schulte’s contract ended prior to his termination Jan. 21. 

“Mrs. Monteith and Mr. Foley have the full faith and support of the Park County School District 6 Board of Trustees in this new endeavor,” Nelson said. “We hope you all will support them in every way as well.”

Monteith, wife of former superintendent Bryan Monteith, grew up on a ranch near Chugwater and after college entered the field of special education, where she has worked 42 years and is in her seventh year in Cody.

She said she’d work on initiatives in the best interest of students, families and staff members. 

“I also look forward to continuing and strengthening our partnerships with the community, other districts, and our work with the Wyoming Department of Education,” she said. “In the short term, I plan to do a lot of listening and learning from my colleagues. 

“I look forward to the next 18 months.”

Career highlights

• Bachelor’s degree in K12 special education from University of Wyoming (1978); Master’s degree in special education from University of Northern Colorado (1995); Master’s degree in educational leadership from UW (1997).

• Teacher at various elementary and middle schools in Laramie and Wheatland through 1996.

• Various positions with Wyoming Department of Education culminating in being State Director of Special Education Programs (2005-2012).

• Student Support Services Director for Cody School District (2013-2020).

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wyo native

Chosen. Not chose.


This woman is one of the most remarkable women in our school district. She has turned around the special ed department, added quality staffing for these children. We should be proud to have her step up. Congrats Peg!!

Joe Battin

It seems that before the School Board released Mr. Shulte, their newest hire Mrs. Monteith did not think much of the school district she is now set to lead. I quote from a letter sent to all personnel who work for the district. “ I am confident that together we will build a model district based upon our great teachers and staff, a supportive Board of Trustees and District staff...” It certainly sounds to me as though she did not think we were a model district the past few years. Yet the Board has chose herto save the day! Shame on this board.


A model school district is not merely an adequate school district. It is something a good district should always aspire to be. Do you think a model school district would need to release their superintendent mid-year? Furthermore, do you think they would then replace said superintendent with someone that thinks everything is fine the way it is?

wyo native

Has “chosen”.


No one better!

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