Zachary Mundahl

A former Cody resident who was convicted for stealing more than $22,000 from the uBlaze Vapor Store on Sheridan Avenue in 2018, has landed himself back in custody for allegedly breaking his probation conditions.

In exchange for a guilty plea in that crime, Zachary Mundahl, 39, agreed to adhere to a strict list of supervised probation conditions for 10 years, forgoing any prison time. Judge Bill Simpson did issue Mundahl an 8-10 year suspended prison term during his sentencing one year ago that could be implemented if Mundahl is found guilty of any infractions.

Last March, Mundahl’s probation and parole officer Stacey Sapp accused him of breaking a number of different probation conditions. He was to abstain from all controlled substances and alcohol and retain employment for the next decade, as well as pay $500 a month restitution for the money he stole from uBlaze.

Sapp reported that during a home search in December 2018, alcohol, meth and drug paraphernalia were found in his possession. After contacting his employer on Jan. 2, Sapp discovered Mundahl was no longer working for that company. Additionally, Mundahl only made one payment of $250, and did not alert Sapp that he moved from his residence. His whereabouts were unknown thereafter.

That was until recently when Mundahl was found in Billings. Despite the county filing an extradition waiver to get him back to Cody, state prosecutor Jack Hatfield said Mundahl refused to honor the waiver, causing the state to have to obtain a governor’s warrant from Gov. Mark Gordon to bring him back. Mundahl has been in custody since Oct. 3, after being transferred in from the Yellowstone Detention Center in Billings.

It was not revealed what Mundahl has been up to for the last nine months, but he said during a bench warrant hearing Tuesday he is homeless.

Since Mundahl did not yet have a public defender attorney Simpson discouraged him from offering any defense or substantial comment at the hearing.

“That could be used against you,” Simpson said.

But before the judge cut him off, Mundahl did say he has a desire to seek drug treatment rehabilitation.

Despite Hatfield only requesting a $50,000 cash bond for Mundahl, Simpson upped the ante, setting Mundahl’s bond at $100,000 cash-only at the hearing.

“I find these charges deeply disturbing,” Simpson said.

In a separate, unrelated crime, he is also facing charges for attempting and conspiring to deliver meth and manufacturing or delivering meth, felonies carrying up to 40 years in prison and $50,000 in fines. He is accused of being a member of the Bill Lee meth ring, trading Lee guns for meth and distributing large quantities of meth for him.

Despite being charged with stealing the uBlaze money in November 2017, Mundahl allegedly continued his illicit behavior, working with Lee that following winter. He was allegedly caught with a half-ounce of meth just across the state line in Montana, in February 2018.

When meeting with investigators one month after that bust, Mundahl admitted to his involvement with Lee, according to court documents.

Mundahl was scheduled for a preliminary hearing in this case Wednesday.

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