(AP) – The downturn in Wyoming’s extraction industry caused the state to see its first population decline since 1990.

But state economists say there are signs that Wyoming’s economy has at least stabilized.

The U.S. Census Bureau this week estimated that Wyoming’s population declined by just over 1,000, or 0.2 percent, from July 2015 to July 2016.

State economist Wenlin Liu (LEW) says the population decline reflects the downturn in Wyoming’s mineral extraction industry that has cost thousands of jobs over about the last year.

But state economist Jim Robinson says job losses in the oil and gas industry appear to have flattened out and there has been a slight increase in drilling activity in recent months.

Robinson says the state economy looks fairly stable now although there isn’t much growth.

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Disgusted taxpayer

Wyoming's economy was a lot worse after the oil bust in the 1980's.Many more left Wyoming in those years when may lost their homes andeverything they had.And we all know who was in the White House then.


Let's not forget that this oil crash was part of a Cold War response to drain Russia of it's massive Oil Money. If it wasn't for the oil crash, we would probably still have the Berlin Wall. I'll take the oil crash over the Berlin Wall any day.

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