The West Park Hospital’s audit report, which was generally favorable to the hospital, was presented to the board of trustees Oct. 30.

During the trustees meeting, a presentation was given showing the hospital’s incomes and spending, most of which was in the normal to good range. Many of the trustees were happy with the audit’s figures, as well as CEO Doug McMillan. 

“We put so much money into our facility over the past several years,” McMillan said. “There are several ratios that were very positive that we were excited about.”

McMillan also said the biggest points of concern of the 2019 audit report were the accounts receivable and the operating income, which the board already has plans to improve.

The board also approved a change in the hospital’s chief of staff to Dr. Adam Peters, as well as a change of the employee agreement of Dr. Frank Schmidt.

The board approved the proposed plan to purchase Vantage Contract Master, which is a software system that will help store and keep track of all the contracts the West Park Hospital District makes. It was said that it would greatly benefit the hospital staff.

The board went over details pertaining to a certification survey that will be conducted in a few months. The survey will determine if West Park Hospital can be classified as a Rural Health Clinic, which will enhance the reimbursement rates for providing Medicare and Medicaid services.

Four of the hospital’s six electrocautery generators are considered out of date or broken and need replacements. The board approved the deal of around $4,000 for the new machines.

The Employee of the Month award went to Katie Fox, a nurse who is very well respected by her peers and does many extra things for the hospital. Fox was earlier this year nominated for the Norman S. Holt Award for Nursing.

A pay professional service agreement was approved for Dr. Christopher Robertson and Dr. Derek Will of the pediatric health program. 


•Tanya Schnell, DO

•Vaughn Morgan, MD 


•Andrea Chisholm, MD 

•Lisa Harvey, MD 

•Nathan Rieb, MD

•Kendrick Trostel, MD.

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