Power was out across much of Powell for most of the day Saturday after a fire damaged a power substation.

Electricity was only fully restored after 9 p.m. and that was a temporary fix while staff work on a more permanent solution, said city administrator Zack Thorington in a statement.

“The fire at the substation today created power issues of magnitudes that the City of Powell has never experienced before,” he said. “Our wonderful electric crew spent most of the day troubleshooting and fixing the issues while trying not to harm anything else in the substation. At this time we believe we have a temporary solution for power until we can get some equipment replaced.”

The fire occurred early in the morning, with most residents waking up without power. Powell firefighters put out the fire and crews set to work repairing the substation with the hope of having everything fixed by midday.

Thorington asked residents to use as little power as possible to not overwhelm the utility.

But, around 4 p.m., parts of the city experienced a second power outage due to an overload on the damaged substation.

Thorington said at the time they were working to get a mobile substation going to create a temporary solution while a permanent fix was prepared.

“The city would like to give a big thanks to Powell Volunteer Fire Department, Garland Light and Power and to Western Area Power Administration for their help and knowledge today,” he said in a statement. “Again, we can’t express how much we are thankful no one was hurt, and appreciate everyone’s understanding.”

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