Rocky Mountain Mudd employee Sarah Hoopes arrived at the Big Horn Avenue hut Tuesday morning to find windows broken and some items missing, including the security camera. (Photo by Sarah Hoopes)

Don’t mess with our coffee.

That was the message heard loud and clear by Rocky Mountain Mudd staff Tuesday morning after their Big Horn Avenue hut was vandalized.

“My Facebook kind of blew up,” owner Riki Westbrook said. “Customers were saying, ‘We’re going to form a vigilante group. You don’t mess with my coffee.’”

Sarah Hoopes, who usually runs the hut, one of the company’s three in town, saw the broken windows when she drove up to start work Tuesday morning.

“I pulled in and saw the glass everywhere,” she said.

Westbrook said while its not the worst a hut has been damaged in 21 years of business, it’ll cost thousands of dollars to repair glass, a camera and other features.

Hoopes said not much was stolen, save for the security camera, hundreds of Dum Dums, a single Red Bull and $10 worth of change. 

The dum dums were later found scattered all over Mentock Park, while the culprits left a few pieces of beef jerky at the hut.

“The worst thing is it’s silly destruction,” Hoopes said.

The Cody Police Department would not release details as it is still under investigation, but Hoopes said officers had already come by in the morning to check out the scene.

Westbrook hopes those responsible are caught quickly. To help that along, she’s offering a year’s worth of free coffee to whoever turns in those responsible.

The vandalism and reward have also been shared across various social media platforms.

“I hope (the culprits) are a little nervous,” she said.

She added they may be identified as being small or skinny enough to get through the broken window and also possibly showing cuts made by going through the window.

Hoopes said while it looked like they may have tried to open the door to the hut, the dead bolt was still secure when she went to check in the morning.

“They had to jump through the window to get out,” Hoopes said. “They’ve got to have cuts.”

She said the positive aspect to it all was the nice new espresso machine and the coffee itself wasn’t damaged. Staff worked through the morning to repair the broken windows so that they could open again Wednesday morning.

And now Westbrook and her staff have more eyes looking out for their huts.

“Our customers will be patrolling,” she said, smiling. “They take it very personally.”

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