The city has extended the availability of raw water for one week, to Oct. 8.

The regular watering schedule – odd street numbers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and even numbers on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – will remain in effect until Oct. 7 when the raw water system will be shut off.

On Monday, Oct. 8, residents are asked to open their valves and use any remaining water in the pipes.

Raw water is typically shut off the first Monday in October, giving time for pipes to be blown out and winterized before it gets too cold.

“This year, the first Monday of October is also the first day of the month, and the Cody area is experiencing drier conditions and higher temperatures than normal,” Mayor Nancy Tia Brown said. “Therefore it seems appropriate to extend the use of the raw water system.”

This is a “substantial modification” by the council to provide people with additional services, Public Works Director Steve Payne said.

While it takes about one month for all pipes on the city’s raw water system to be blown out and winterized, Payne said because the weather is projected to stay warmer into November, they don’t foresee a problem with extending service one week.

The decision comes after a dry winter led to increased water use all summer – up from an average of about 7.5 million gallons per day during the hottest months to more than 9 million gallons daily from May to September.

This created a water-pressure problem in mid-July, which the city addressed by turning on water pumps at the north side of Beck Lake and monitoring water levels in the city’s water tank to keep them as high as possible, Payne said.

Community Service Officers also enforced the watering schedule and frequently talked with people about the need for proper watering, ticketing a few repeat offenders.

Residents without access to raw water that receive a discounted rate for using treated water on their lawns will return to normal water rates on the next billing cycle.

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