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Wow! I agreed with the above comment so the Cody Enterprise apparently chose not to post my response. Classic!

Gunrunner Auctions

5800 concert attendees according to Stampede President Mike Darby. Extremely well organized and orderly event. Not one problem. I never saw a policeman inside the arena. Hope something like this concert happens again! Much thanks for Mr. and Mrs. Patrick of Bighorn Radio Network! Parking was easy, entry was easy, you could get food or drink without lines and if you got there early enough you could sit up front or dance up front. The two opening acts were exceptional. Black was wonderful. Cody should be proud.




crappy coverage by the paper...how many showed up? how much was raised?


@slickrockhounds - I agree. You'd think, after the huge buildup, our local paper could cover the appearance more thoroughly.


A Cody PD officer who worked the event told me the headcount at the show was 5800

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