Cody people are asked to share their thoughts about a proposed land trade between the City of Cody and the Museum of the Old West, owner of Old Trail Town.

The trade involves swapping land from Colter’s Hell Interpretative Trail, a public open space historical park, with Old Trail Town property. Each parcel involved in the exchange is valued at about $8,000.

A public hearing on the topic is scheduled during the regular Tuesday council meeting at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 1338 Rumsey. People unable to attend may submit written comments to City Hall prior to the public hearing.

Trading properties will correct a longstanding property encroachment issue. 

The Museum of the Old West wants a 2,001-square-foot, triangle-shaped area of city property just south of the Old Trail Town entrance. In return, it has offered to give the city a strip of land equal in size at the west end of Old Trail Town. Neither parcel contains buildings.

A popular tourist attraction, Old Trail Town at 1831 Demaris consists of 27 authentic buildings dated 1879-1901. It is now served by an old, 1-inch waterline. 

Solving the property encroachment issue is part of a plan to install a new water main, thus providing improved fire protection for the historical buildings and artifacts. The project involves redesigning public restrooms and a gift shop to blend with the old townsite.

Friends of Park County History leases from the city 11 acres of undeveloped land between Cody Stampede Park and Old Trail Town where it developed the Colter’s Hell Interpretative Trail. 

Spokesmen for Friends of Park County History and Old Trail Town who attended a council meeting in July said their respective boards support the land swap.  

A survey of each area is available from the Community Development Department in City Hall or by calling (307) 527-3472.  

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