Wyoming Department of Transportation crew Dan FLores and Larry Stanger secure a new sign July 1 on the Greybull Highway. (Photo by Marion Morrison)

A bill championed in the State Legislature by local legislators and signed into law by Gov. Mark Gordon came to life July 1 when a pair of signs were erected designating a stretch of the Greybull Highway as the Wild Horse Highway.

Members of Friends of a Legacy joined Wyoming Department of Transportation sign crew members Dan Flores and Larry Stanger at the event alongside U.S. 14-16-20. The name change is for a stretch of highway between Oregon Basin and Emblem Road.

Senate File 112 was sponsored by Cody legislators Sen. Hank Coe and Rep. Sandy Newsome, along with Reps. David Northrup (Powell) and John Winter (Thermopolis), and Sen. Eli Bebout (Riverton). 

Coe introduced the bill in the Senate and said at the time he was pleased to see so much agreement in what at times had been a contentious session.

“This bill has a lot of support,” he said at the time.

The McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Herd Management Area, located just east of Cody, lies north of the highway and the Park County Travel Council has referred to it as a tourist draw to Park County. The herd is known for its variety of coat colors and patterns, and the relative ease in which visitors can catch a glimpse of the horses.

The “Wild Horse Highway” signs signify the name change, but more importantly help to “enhance the habitat for all creatures living in the wild horse herd management area, provide educational opportunities for the public to learn about the mustangs and the McCullough Peak Herd Management Area, and work with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to effectively manage the herd management area,” said FOAL executive director Marion Morrison and president Mary Scuffman in a news release.

A celebration of the mustangs and “Wild Horse Highway” is scheduled for 10 a.m., Aug. 24, at an interpretive kiosk, about 27 miles east of Cody. For more information, visit

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