Jason Little

A Meeteetse man was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison Aug. 23 after being arrested during a cross-county voyage and found with a trove of firearms. He had made suicidal statements and threats to do “whatever it took” to get his ex-girlfriend back.

Jason Little, 43, pled guilty in Wyoming U.S. District Court to unlawful use of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm, a felony. He will serve his sentence at a minimum security federal prison camp in Yankton, S.D.

Little surrendered in Thermopolis en route to a house the female was at.

Around noon on Feb. 24, Wyoming Highway Patrol notified Thermopolis police officers that Little had been making suicidal comments and was en route to Thermopolis, heavily armed and in full body armor.

Assistant U.S. attorney Jason Conder wrote in a court filing Little had been working as an informant “providing (Division of Criminal Investigation) information regarding the trafficking of methamphetamine by his associates in the northwest Wyoming.”

“If I thought the drug (world) was evil it has nothing on what (you) guys do to someone’s life,” Little wrote.

Little was first spotted by authorities in downtown Thermopolis that afternoon, speeding in his 2003 brown Ford truck with its flashers on.

After he peacefully surrendered to officers following a short chase that spanned a few blocks, an M1A .308-caliber rifle, a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, a Kimber .45-caliber handgun and a 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun were found in Little’s possession, in addition to significant amounts of ammunition, loaded magazines and a suppressor.

A blood test given to Little after the arrest revealed the presence of both alcohol and meth in his system. He admitted to hospital workers he drinks daily and uses marijuana and meth frequently, according to the court documents.

Little was also facing Park County felony charges at the time of the original crime for knowingly destroying property valued more than $1,000 and reckless endangerment in Meeteetse shortly before his trip to Hot Springs County.

The morning of the drive, Little made a string of phone calls and text messages to a DCI agent, expressing frustration with living life as an informant.

“I am ready to die and want my old life and my … girlfriend back before I am gone,” Little texted. “I can’t keep doing this and playing (these games).”

The Park County Sheriff’s Office first became aware of Little’s trip at 10:46 a.m. the day he was arrested. Deputies were informed by DCI he made statements, “Locked Cocked and ready to Rock,” “police had better bring something bigger than a 30-06,” and authorities “pissed off the wrong Marine” around this time.

Little was apprehended around noon by Thermopolis Police. A Washakie County SWAT team was on standby.

Thermopolis Police Chief Julie Mathews saw Little’s truck, “and attempted to stop it, but the truck swerved around her marked patrol vehicle,” according to the court filing.

Mathews saw at this point that Little appeared to be wearing a ballistic vest.

After activating her sirens and lights, Little pulled over and surrendered without incident.

Once in custody Little continued to make suicidal statements and said he wanted police to shoot him.

He said to authorities it was while he was serving in the military in the mid-1990’s that he first used meth but quit the drug around 2000. In March 2018, he renewed his drug activity, smoking or snorting it every 3-4 days.

It was just five days before his drive to Thermopolis that Little met with DCI agents and admitted he was still using meth.

On Feb. 25, the Park County Sheriff’s Office was informed of the property damage Little caused at the home of his parents, Kenneth and Linda Little in Meeteetse. There, Jason Little is accused of shooting a bullet through a window and shooting numerous bullets in the inside of an RV camper he was living in. Kenneth Little told deputies, “It used to be a good camper, but Jason (Little) had destroyed some of the interior.”

District Court Judge Alan Johnson recommended that Little be allowed to participate in a drug abuse program while in prison and once released, serve three years of supervised probation. Among his probation conditions, he will be prohibited from possessing any guns or dangerous weapons, including nunchucks or TASERs.

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