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The Fishhawk Fire burn is around 11,300 acres with little growth on Friday.

The Fishhawk Fire's growth slowed significantly through Thursday and Friday with the burn at 11,130 acres as of noon Friday. After more than 5,000 acres of growth on Wednesday, the fire only grew by 800 acres on Thursday. No official acreage total has been released as of this evening but Rocky Mountain Blue incident team staff said at a public meeting held at the Yellowstone Inn Friday night, there did not appear to be much change over the course of the day.

The reduction was thanks to lowering temperatures both days and up to 0.4 inches of rain in some sections of the North Fork on Friday, the staff reported.

The biggest growth seen in the last few days to the fire, has occurred to the northwest and northeast edges of the blaze, staff reported. An evacuation was called for the Kitty Creek cabins and Buffalo Bill Boy Scout camp on Tuesday night and Saturday morning this evacuation was lifted. The fire is about 1.5 miles from structures at its closest point. 

At the meeting Incident team members commended the efforts made by homeowners in preparing their residences for fire risks before the fire occurred. Staff further recommend residents to download the Code Red mobile phone app for emergency fire updates.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Blue incident team also said two hotshot crews and five fire engines are operating the fire zone known as Division Zulu, the area to the north and east of the fire, extending to the UXU Ranch. These crews spent Friday prepping structures, laying down hoses, installing sprinkler kits and pumps, and clearing brush.

The weather forecast calls for cooler temperatures and 0.25-0.5 inches of rain on Sunday, which should continue to suppress the fire. The weather will remain consistent next week with 1-3 inches expected Tuesday through Thursday.

A smoke monitoring station has been set up at the Wapiti School, about 21 miles east of the fire.

The Cody Stampede Board has made the rodeo grounds available for anyone in the North Fork who needs to relocate livestock and the Park County Fairgrounds in Powell has also been made available.

Call the Fishhawk fire hotline at 307-213-9529 from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. with questions. Rocky Mountain Blue incident team staff will be posting updates on the Fishhawk Fire Facebook page and on Twitter at @ShoshoneNF.

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