China Town across Sheridan from City Park has changed hands.

Guang Zuo Zhang and Guangce Zhang, principle officers for the Brothers Three corporation, are new operators of the Chinese buffet restaurant.

Receiving no written or verbal public comments, the Cody City Council on June 4 unanimously approved a new restaurant liquor license for Brothers Three, good through July 31 at 937 Sheridan.

The city assessed $167 in prorated fees based on the $1,000 annual restaurant liquor license fee.

The council will now consider renewing the new China Town license in July along with all other liquor license renewals for one year starting Aug. 1.

Relatives of former owners Xiren Zhang and Yi Lu, Guang Zuo Zhang and Guangce Zhang are also co-owners of China Town Buffet in Powell.

After operating a Chinese restaurant in Park County for 24 years – the first 16 in Powell and the past eight in Cody – Xiren Zhang and Yi Lu decided to move to Irvine, Calif., before their daughter Holly starts high school.

According to city clerk Cindy Baker, they have relinquished their restaurant liquor license.

A restaurant license requires the holder to have a specific dispensing room and a full menu. Customers must be served alcoholic beverages at their tables and they may only consume their drinks on the premises.

In other recent

business, the council:

• Renewed a contract allowing Wyoming Sport and Fitness to lease city gymnastics equipment for a second two-year term. The fee is $100 per year.

The equipment, valued at $10,900 in the original lease, includes balance beams, spring boards and various types of mats. It is used by Wyoming Sport and Fitness affiliate Heart Mountain Gymnastics in a new 6,000-square-foot facility at 183 Blackburn, which is home to the competitive Heart Mountain All-stars team lead by USA Gymnastics certified instructors.

According to the agreement, Wyoming Sport must use the equipment to provide gymnastics lessons and instruction to youths in Park County, and may not use the equipment for other reasons.

Several years ago the Shoshone Recreation District bought equipment for a new city gymnastics program; however, the equipment was put in storage in 2014 after the city canceled its program.

Rather than sell the equipment, in February 2017 the council approved leasing it to Wyoming Sport and Fitness for two years.

• Extended a 2018 fuel contract with Bailey Enterprises with the same per gallon prices for another year starting July 1.

Last June Bailey Enterprises submitted low quotes over Homax Oil Sales for unleaded, midgrade and premium gas plus diesel fuel in four rate categories.

Price per gallon minus tax and rack price – cost of gas as well as transportation, overhead and profit costs – is 13.62 cents for unleaded and 12.46 cents for diesel.

The city uses about 93,000 gallons of fuel per year, with diesel fuel making up roughly half.

• Passed a resolution re-adopting the Electrical Distribution Standards Manual Policy with three revisions.

The 40-page booklet provides electrical contractors and developers in Cody a common set of rules for providing electric service for new or remodeled structures as well as subdivisions and other major projects.

• Approved $1.8 million in vouchers and payroll.

Vouchers included a $1,586 payment to Quality Asphalt Paving owned by councilman Landon Greer, who recused himself from the vote.

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