Allisson Bebiano

A Brazilian national is facing up to 160 years in prison on charges that he illegally withdrew more than $7,000 from Park County ATM machines in recent weeks.

Allisson Bebiano, 29, is in custody at the Park County Detention Center with $500,000 cash bond set. He is facing 14 criminal counts of forgery for alleged crimes that occurred from Oct. 29-Nov. 25. In addition, Bebiano is facing two charges for possession of a forgery device and a total of $160,000 in fines.

Big Horn Federal Savings Bank, where Bebiano is accused of making ATM transactions from the bank’s Cody and Powell branches, will be held responsible for paying back the people who had their money stolen.

Over a few weeks, Cody police investigated surveillance footage from banks after being alerted of fraudulent withdrawals stemming from the ATM machines. In 13 videos, Bebiano can be allegedly seen attempting to use multiple credit cards and staying at the location for a “considerable amount of time,” according to Scott Burlingame, a Cody police officer. 

As officers were already investigating his activities, Bebiano was reported attempting to withdraw money from a Big Horn ATM on Nov. 20, engaging five different cards, but was unsuccessful in this attempt. On Nov. 25, Bebiano was spotted trying to draw money from the Sunlight Federal Credit Union ATM. 

It was then Burlingame responded to the scene and arrested Bebiano near the 17th Street hill in Cody.

Bebiano was arrested when pulled over in his rental car. Inside the vehicle authorities allegedly found more than $4,000 in cash – all in $20 bills – along with 23 debit cards, two cell phones and two card readers associated with forgery transactions.

It appears Bebiano went under the alias “Douglas Machado” when renting vehicles and booking hotel rooms at local Cody establishments. Authorities found a Brazilian ID card with this identity listed on it. When engaging with Burlingame, Bebiano gave him his true identity but denied having any knowledge of the alleged crimes. 

According to the FBI, scenarios like these typically involve a suspect acquiring banking account numbers on the black market, which then can be applied to blank debit cards. 

In total, $7,960 was stolen over the course of 14 different transactions.

Max Mazur of Big Horn Federal confirmed the transactions pulled funds from multiple accounts – none belonging to Bebiano, located in various nations, including the U.S.

During a preliminary hearing held Wednesday in Park County Circuit Court, Bebiano, who only spoke broken English, said Portuguese is his native language. After helping run a family store in Brazil, he said it went out of business about a year ago.

The FBI informed Burlingame that Bebiano is in the U.S. on a travel visa which expires in April and has been in and out the country 18 times since 2014.

“If found guilty of a felony conviction it could have an adverse impact on your right to remain in the country,” Judge Bruce Waters told Bebiano.

Jack Hatfield, Park County prosecuting attorney, described Bebiano as an, “extreme flight risk” with “no connections to the community.”

Waters concurred. 

“The court certainly agrees you (Bebiano) pose a certain flight risk, extreme in fact,” Waters said. “The charges you are facing are very serious, very significant. If you were to leave it would be difficult to get you back.”

Bebiano asked Waters how he can inform his family in Brazil of the charges he is facing.

“My guess is you can make the phone call but you might have to make it a collect call,” he said.

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