The bullet left the vintage pistol went through Aryean Vermunt’s shoulder, exited and became lodged in the side of the cabin.

Vermunt was the victim of an accidental shooting Monday at Pahaska Teepee Resort, 2.3 miles outside of the Yellowstone East Entrance. His bleeding was under control by the time medics reached the scene.

Lance Mathess, Park County Sheriff’s Office public affairs officer, said Vermunt, a Pahaska employee, was transported by ambulance to West Park Hospital and then transferred across state lines to the Billings Clinic where his condition is currently unknown.

Emergency responders first received report of the accidental shooting around 2:10 p.m. Monday, according to the Sheriff’s Office investigation, it was determined Vermunt, 24, had been shot with a vintage World War II Tokarev pistol.

When fellow Pahaska employee Cal Clark, 59, of Thermopolis set his small backpack down on the porch of an employee building, the Russian semi-automatic pistol discharged, entering Vermunt’s right shoulder and then travelling on.

A sheriff’s deputy was immediately dispatched to the scene. No citations were issued from the incident.

Clark had just completed a long bike ride, when he stepped around Vermunt and “let his backpack fall off his shoulders” landing on the porch and causing the Tokarev to fire through the fabric of the side of the camouflaged colored backpack. Statements from witnesses corroborated Clark’s account of events.

A nurse who happened to be visiting the resort rendered first aid to Vermunt, who also received assistance from another Pahaska employee.

Mathess said the Tokarev has a propensity to accidentally discharge, especially when dropped.

Rob Coe, who runs Pahaska Teepee said Vermunt was expected to be able to return to work within the next two weeks and was excited to get back.

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Wow! What happen to the strict no gun policy for employees Rob? How soon we forget the past events and tragic loss due to employees at Pahaska having guns! You can't tell me someone up there diden't know he had a gun, But said nothing and yet another has to get hurt! Come on Pahaska mgmt. pay attention! Keep your employees safe!!


Please explain how management should know what every single employee has on property at all times. Last I checked it was a lodge & not TSA.

Rick Hannon

Grizzly bears are dangerous, so are guns! You might want to stick with the pepper spray.


Where did this info one from? I am not a resident of Cody, I am a seasonal worker there.


The NRA has always said that guns don't shoot people, people shoot people. If that's the case shouldn't a person be held responsible for this shooting?


Yes a person should be. Cal was aware he should not have a bullet chambered in an old gun like that.


And what of the strict "No gun" policy for employees at Pahaska? Come on Pahaska Mgmt. Keep your employees safe!!!

L Riddle

Dont blame the NRA for this one. The responsibility is with the owner of the gun. If we are going to start playing the blame game I guess the reason that people get bad grades iant their fault. We can blame it on their pencils.

L Riddle


JC Pilot

some real ringers get employed each summer by those Pahaska folks...

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