Former Laramie librarian to lead Wyoming State Archives

LARAMIE (WNE) — A former Laramie librarian was recently named the Wyoming state archivist.

Kathy Marquis has spent her career working in archives, except for a 13-year period when she was the public services librarian at Albany County Public Library.

She left Laramie for Cheyenne in 2015 to become the deputy state archivist, and she was named the state archivist earlier this month after filling the role on an interim basis since last spring.

The Wyoming State Archives collect, manage and preserve Wyoming’s public records of long-term value. These records include the activities of the government as well as non-governmental historical records.

“We function as the state’s institutional memory,” Marquis said. “We preserve the records that keep the state accountable and that ensure transparency. You can’t do that if you don’t have the records that show what decisions have been made, what steps have been taken, what people have worked on which projects.”

PSC to hold hearing

on coal-fired plants

AFTON (WNE) — The Wyoming Public Service Commission is holding a special meeting to get feedback from the public on coal-fired power plants and that will be held at the Kemmerer Event Center January 28 from 4 PM to as late as 7 PM.

“The Public Service commission is looking for official public feedback that can go on the record,” Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir said. “To help our consumers and are economy really.”

Rocky Mountain Power says it will be closing Naughton Units 1 and 2 in 2025. Unit 3 will be converted to natural gas and then will be shut down in 2029. Muir says the Public Service Commission is trying to set up some rules to help sell those power plants. This is to help make it go well for the buyer and the consumer.

“I am excited to give my input,” Muir said. “I’d encourage everyone, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard and it’s an opportunity to talk about the benefits to our coal-fired power plants.

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