The Cody School Board is looking at awarding a construction bid in mid-November for the new Beacon Hill transportation facility.

That’s a big step in the new timeline proposed by facilities director Terry Gardenhire, who said doing so would take advantage of better weather than any of the next few months. He added the schedule presented was the “absolute best timeline” and acknowledged it could be tight.

“A late fall award catches contractors in a slack period that should provide competitive bid results,” he wrote.

“The sooner we can award a contract, the best chance to finish the project by the end of 2021,” Gardenhire told trustees at the meeting. “(Transportation director) Sam (Hummel) would like to be in building at least a month prior to the start of school in August 2021.”

Trustees were presented with a timeline for the project at Tuesday’s board meeting, the same night the city council unanimously approved the final subdivision of the district‘s Beacon Hill property – Glenn Nielson abstained.

All that’s left is for Mayor Matt Hall to sign off on the decision once three requirements are met, including the district paying the city $25,000 for supplies for power line construction, which trustees also approved during the meeting.

The district plans to auction off most of the land to help pay for the estimated $3.4-3.7 million project involving a new bus barn, maintenance building and small office building near the FFA barn.

While lot sizes have changed to 17.4 and 8 acres, the total appraisal for the two properties to be sold remains at $1.16 million.

Once the mayor approves of the process, next steps include:

• Oct. 1: Begin construction bid advertising.

• Oct. 1: Architect to finalize building design and construction drawings.

• Oct. 8: Begin property sale advertising.

• Oct. 15: Construction pre-bid meeting.

• Nov. 6: Auction the property.

• Nov. 12: Construction bids due.

• Nov. 19: Construction bid award.

(Amber Peabody contributed to this report)

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