Hunter Koster, of Cody, shows her grand champion steer July 18 at the Park County Fair.

The Park County Fair livestock auction saw double-digit jumps in sale prices for large animals.

“We were up across the board,” said sale chairman Joe Bridges. “Double-digit increases in all large animals is something I have never seen before.”

Steer sales averaged at $4.70 per pound. The high sale was Hunter Koster’s steer, which was purchased by Fremont Motors for $7 per pound. 

Hogs averaged $6.48 per pound. The high sale was Rocky Mountain Line Systems’ purchase of Dalton Woodward’s hog for $16 per pound. 

Lambs averaged $9.02 per pound, with Patrick Haney’s animal netting the highest price, $13 per pound, from Imagination Station. 

Goats went for $11.18 per pound on average, with Rieta Clark’s goat netting $75 per pound from Dean and Steph Pettyjohn. At 64 pounds, the goat sold for $4,800.

“That was a highlight,” Bridges said.

Rabbits went $57.69 per pound on average, with Kaitlin Diver’s rabbit bringing in $650 from Whittle, Hamilton and Associates. In total, 240 head of stock were sold at the sale, with a grand total of $414,528 coming in. Joe Bridges attributed the high numbers to an influx of new buyers.

“The kids did a really good job of educating people on the process of buying,” he said. “Those new people took a lot of pressure off our core buyers.”

The sale never slowed down, with bidding remaining competitive throughout the event.

“It’s a real tribute to our buyers,” he said. “They just drew a line and said we’re going to keep it above here.”

Market category



Grand: Hunter Koster

Reserve: Kristina Nelson


Grand: Cierra Bridges

Reserve: Logan Mehling


Grand: Logan Mehling

Reserve: Wil Loyning


Grand and Reserve: Hadley Mehling with two animals

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