Birds fly off the roof of CertainTeed Gypsum plant Tuesday.

A major Cody manufacturing facility is set to close this spring.

Last week, CertainTeed told its 50 local employees the gypsum manufacturing plant on 2AB would be closing its doors April 3.

The company, owned by France-based Saint Gobain, is working to sell the facility, said spokesperson Lauren Howe.

The plant was first commissioned in 1961.

“The business made this very difficult decision after analyzing current business and market conditions,” the company said in its announcement. “We understand and appreciate that this decision affects the livelihood of our employees in Cody.”

The company said it will help bridge the gap to new employment by offering support to the affected employees as well as an opportunity to pursue open positions in the organization.

“We will continue to service our customers through our network of gypsum plants and foresee no change in product availability,” the company said.

Howe said mining operations would also be affected by the closure.

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Steve Holbo

These are the people that should be reaching out to bring new business to Cody Active Park County Commissioners:

Jake Fulkerson

Commissioner (R) 272-2519

Dossie Overfield

Commissioner (R) 587-5388

Lee Livingston

Vice Chairman (R) 899-3057

Lloyd Thiel

Commissioner (R) 272-9372

Joseph E. Tilden

Chairman (R) 587-1352


Susan Kohn - Executive Assistant: 527-8510

Make them work for our county...Bring in new business and keep Sleeping Giant open . Find some one like Kanye West that needs a tax right off..

Fox Blue River

Marathon, Cody Labs, Sleeping Giant, Certainteed; at this point I am expecting the Buffalo Bill Center to go under. I'm sad for Cody and the good people I knew that worked there.

On the other hand paying people $25 an hour to smoke meth in the parking lot was probably not a solid business model.

Disgusted taxpayer

What happened to Make America Great Again? Yet more workers in Cody get the shaft as tourism takes over where common sense left off.

Fox Blue River

Ah, you mean the guy that cut taxes for the wealthy, spends millions of tax dollars every weekend on golf and stuffing his hotels with federal employees? Well he says you can't have healthcare and wants to cut social Security. Apparently this was all over a miss-spelling; it was supposed to be printed on his slogans "Make me great again."

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