Authorities continued a homicide investigation Monday after the body of a decapitated man was found Jan. 9, 10 miles northwest of Ralston.

The victim has not been identified.

In an autopsy performed Saturday, a forensic pathologist estimated the time of death as Jan. 7, although the exact cause of death is still under investigation, the Park County Sheriff’s Office said Monday.

The body, which also was missing an arm, was discovered by hunters in a creek drainage about 10-12 feet off the north side of Little Sand Coulee Road approximately 1.5 miles off WYO 294.

Sheriff deputies, BLM officials and agents from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) responded to the scene.

A Cody man, 40, hunting ducks with his son discovered the body.

The victim’s head has not been recovered.

During a press conference Friday, Sheriff Scott Steward did not say where the crime took place, and whether or not the victim knew his attacker, but did say there was a “fair amount” of blood in the area.

There have been no reports of anyone missing in the area who fits the victim’s description, Steward said.

“You take an adult male who doesn’t live at home and it may take awhile,” he added.

The sheriff’s office reported Monday the victim was a “Caucasian or light-skinned Hispanic male, about 5 feet, 4 inches to 5-6 tall, weighing 180-200 pounds. He was less than 35 years old and, by all indications, an agricultural or ranch worker.

“He was of a ‘stocky’ build and appeared to be in good physical condition.

“The victim was wearing blue jeans, size 36-inch waist and 30-inch length, as well as a pair of brown-laced Ariat work boots, size 10 1/2. He was also wearing a brown leather belt with distinctive braided design and matching buckle. The belt was size 38 inch.”

DCI gathered tissue and blood samples to be used for identification purposes. Steward did not say if the remaining hand could be used for fingerprints.

“There are several other injuries that I cannot go in to,” he said. “No animal activity was evident on the body.”

Law enforcement personnel, including agents from DCI, processed the scene for evidence.

“Given the condition of the body, whoever did this does not want us to identify the body,” sheriff’s office public information officer Lance Mathess said.

Law enforcement is pursuing several investigative leads.

“We don’t have enough details yet to know what we’re dealing with,” he said. “I can’t say if it’s a random act or something else. People need to be aware of their surroundings and let us know if they see something.”

Steward anticipated an increased call volume about suspicious activity.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he said. “I urge people to stay vigilant, but be reasonable.”

He would not speculate about whether drugs or crime fueled the murder.

Anyone who was in the area and has information, or can identify the body, is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office, 527-8700.

“Anyone who traveled down Little Sand Coulee Road in the last week should contact us,” Steward said. “We can get a better time frame.”

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I've got a few things here. 1) PLEASE use spell check. Buy a dictionary. Several of the posts below are PAINFUL to read. 2) It's not the missing fella from Pryor. He's 6 ft. tall. This guy is 5'4" or somewhere close. They're not usually that far off. 3) The Google Image isn't taken the second you zoom could have been days, weeks, or MONTHS ago.


To me it looks like blood in the drainage and a man walking down the road? is that what everyone is seeing?


[sad] I do not know why I went to the exact cordinants of this information on google maps, however I did and I had a very crazey experience with this, yes, i did report my find,,,, however il let the public in on this discovery,,,and would love to hear anyones opinion. For your info though I went to google earth so I could zoom it closer and Im now even more wondering, even when I was able to turn the pic around,,,,,,scary...[sad][sad]


You know I have for no reason at all. curious heck I dont know, but I went to that road on google maps and foud something extremely bizarr,at the location that was described in the newspaper, and of coure if you use google earth theres a zoomer option and I am wowed by what I see,.... I adjusted the map by turning it in different angles....well help me out???? what do you see? However I have reported this to the number provided.


It's reported that our crime rate is going down....really? Are they talking about petty thefts? The serious ones are too much to comprehend.


its more an likely a drug related crime, eaither he owed someone or they thought maybe he was a snitch. its getting awful out there. RIP to whoever it was


This is so heinous. Is there anyone that's capable of finding out who was the "lucky" puke that won the lottery? If all them hackers got together they could find out pretty fast and post it for the public to see.

We used to fight to save our wildlife and our planet and now we live in a kill happy society that's more worried about a "trophy" upon their wall and out doing everyone. SICK.




You would think this would make the home news page nbc news and others


I was just told that a guy is missing from Pryor. The same time period. I hope the cops check into this!


Drug related, no doubt, Mexican style.


Agreed, the wording is not good. Park County Wyoming in the last 2-3 years may be becoming the gruesome murder capital of the U.S.


Is it really necessary to call this PERSON a "headless homicide?" Let us have some respect for the family who have lost a loved one!

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