A firefighter watches smoke rise from the Fishhawk Fire. (Photo by Angelique Rea)

The Fishhawk Fire has reached 10,320 acres as of 10 a.m. Thursday and has grown to the north, which prompted a mandatory evacuation of Kitty Creek cabins and the Buffalo Bill Boy Scout Camp on Wednesday night.

In a Facebook video posted around 10:30 a.m., Paul Hohn, an operations chief with the Rocky Mountain Type 2 Blue Team, said after it appeared the fire had crossed a pre-designated management action point, an evacuation was called. It was later determined the fire had not actually crossed this line.

"We wanted to be safe rather than sorry," Hohn said.

The Rocky Mountain Type 2 Blue Team, currently managing the fire, announced in its morning report that hotshot crews were staged at the scout camp overnight to monitor the fire and structure protection work is continuing on the North Fork corridor.

The team performed structure prep on Wednesday with the use of 20 hotshot members. The work included removing fuels around residences that could perpetuate risks and putting pumps and hoses in place. This same work and weed mitigation will be repeated Thursday in an area the team has identified as "Division Zulu," east of chimney rock and the fire on the north side of US 14-16-20 West.

Firefighters have been building a fire line around structures in Kitty Creek and have done structure protection at are lodges. Due to rough terrain, the fire's southern perimeter is being monitored aerially. 

Firefighters will be able to pull water directly from the Shoshone River for fire suppression efforts.

They have four helicopters on-hand to help with fire analysis and possible future direct suppression tactics.  

The team is looking at possible afternoon thunderstorms and 10-20 mph winds from the west. While smoke may reduce visibility, the incident team said its a priority to keep US 14-16-20 open. 

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