Graduates going into the military were able to reveal service sashes after receiving diplomas. Two of those who did so were in the front row, which included Eric Anderson (from left), Isaiah Anderson, Gaige Arnold, Emmie Baker, Mason Baum, Austin Bennett and Joshua Benson. Isaiah Anderson and Benson both are wearing U.S. Navy sashes.

The Cody School Board is going to look into an issue from Saturday’s Cody High graduation involving what military-bound graduates could wear to the ceremony.

Chair Jenni Rosencranse said she asked superintendent Ray Schulte to put the item on Tuesday’s agenda for discussion.

The uproar started on Cody Area Classifieds when someone posted that three CHS graduates were not allowed to wear military sashes. 

There is no district policy on graduation attire as it is decided by the schools.

Principal Jeremiah Johnston said he only had one graduate ask him about wearing a sash and that grad wore his blue U.S. Navy sash underneath the standard gold graduation sash until after receiving his diploma, at which point he removed the gold to reveal the Navy sash underneath. 

“He’s the only one that asked about a military sash. Once he had graduated, he pulled the gold sash off to show the next step in his life,” Johnston said. “He did not have to sneak it in, we knew he had it on. We were fully aware of it and we supported it.”

Johnston said he had not heard of anyone telling other students they would not be allowed to graduate if they wore a military sash, as was alleged on social media.

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Sammi D

what started out as a trade-barter-exchange board on facebook, the Cody Classifieds quickly morphed into a hate filled, rumor spreading and business bashing entity. nobody, including the Enterprise and the Board of Trustees shouldn't take any issue brought up there with any level of seriousness

P Demoney

If you allow one, you allow them all. So, when a student asks to wear his Bob's Stripper Emporium sash, how loud will the crowd be screaming?


If the Cody Classified people think that the school board cares what the vicious gossip site says, they're dead wrong. Nothing ever good comes from the Cody classifieds and any decent, normal person doesn't get wrapped up in their drama of the day


I would like to think that the Trustees wouldn't pay attention to the rumoring starving Cody Classifieds crew. These dregs love spreading the dirt and are not above creating falsehoods. A very unhappy bunch, quickly will attack any issue and prone to believe just about anything on FakeBook. That group is ill managed and ill moderated and it's kind of hilarious that the Enterprise would even give them the attention


Typical not knowing the story behind the story reaction by the unsophisticated facebook Cody Classifieds crowd! This cartel of uneducated and mostly unemployed internet addicts will move on to the next local "crisis" soon and this issue will be all but forgotten

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