Shane Scheid

Shane Scheid

A man sent to prison for possession with intent to deliver marjuana is requesting a sentence reduction.

Shane Scheid, 37, submitted a request to Judge Bill Simpson March 28 to have his 2-4 year prison sentence reduced, for possession of 22.1 grams of marijuana. 

Before his June 2018 sentence, charges for possession of meth and amphetamine were dropped against Scheid. Within his conditional plea, charges he faced for theft of a truck in August 2016, occurring after his possession charges were filed, were also dismissed. The sentence was a product of a plea agreement Scheid agreed to, and he was credited for 206 days already served in prison.

His public defender Kirk Morgan has requested his sentence be reduced to a 1.5-3 year term of incarceration. If the lower end of the request is granted, Scheid could be immediately released. 

After being housed at the Wyoming Medium Correctional facility in Torrington, Scheid was moved to the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins. 

Scheid initially submitted an appeal in Wyoming Supreme Court in August 2018, but rescinded that appeal four months later. Wyoming law permits reduction of a sentence within one year of a judgment or dismissal of a Supreme Court appeal.

He and Morgan are now continuing the appeal in Park County. In his appeal Morgan attests to the overcrowding of Wyoming’s prisons and Scheid’s good behavior in prison.

“The bed and space and other resources with the Wyoming Department of Corrections would be better utilized on more dangerous individuals,” Morgan wrote in the appeal.

According to Morgan there are 88 prisoners serving time in Mississippi because the Wyoming facilities are so full.  

Scheid has been commended for his work ethic and “attention for detail” by his canteen manager in the prison, Morgan said. He also has been compliant with his case plan and voluntarily took classes.

The state has opposed Scheid’s request.

“The defendant has served less than 10 months of a stipulated period of incarceration and therefore, the state would oppose any such modification or reduction,” Michael Greenwood, deputy Park County prosecuting attorney wrote in April.

At his sentencing, Scheid spoke of his support for medical marijuana and the patients, including infants, he has assisted by providing them the herb.

“I’d probably wear the charges leveled against me today for intent to distribute marijuana,” he said. “I wear them with a badge of honor.”

A hearing was to occur June 6 regarding Scheid’s request, but the court has delayed making a decision on such matter to a yet-to-be-determined date. 

Scheid was eligible for parole July 5 and is projected for discharge in November 2020.

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