His biggest shells top out at 16 inches.

These aren’t fireworks you can buy at Chris Good’s Fireworks Factory Outlet on Cody’s West Strip, but they will be visible across the Shoshone River after dusk on the Fourth of July courtesy of Good’s company Pyrotech Professionals. It’s Good’s second year putting on the show.

This year the size of some of the large artillery shells he sources from a specialized U.S. company will be even bigger, with 4-inch shells to replace the 3-inch shells from last year.

He purchased fireworks in 2018 thinking he’d be able to shoot from a new venue closer to spectators. That request was denied by the city and thus his slightly smaller ordinance had to suffice.

The traditional spot is across the Shoshone River from town and further away from most spectators than he is used to with his Cowley Fourth of July show.

This year he compensated, loading up at a slightly higher cost between the artillery shells and the smaller ordinance shipped in from China. He said “geopolitical factors” contributed to some of the increased cost from the Chinese fireworks as China and the U.S. continue a trade war featuring tariffs on both sides.

Still, Good got what he wanted for the show he’s planning.

“We have frontal, crossing comets, mines, shells all the way up to 16 inches,” he said.

And they’re already prepping with the radio station to make sure the show is actually synced to music on the Big Horn Radio Network.

Last year the broadcast didn’t work and the show started late in part due to that issue.

Still, those who stuck around to watch flooded social media with positive reactions to it.

This year, Good wants to add the full package to the biggest Fourth of July display in the state.

“It’s the same quality of show for sure,” he said. “And they’ll hear it to music.”

To listen to patriotic music set to the blasts of the fireworks, tune your radio to KODI, 96.7 FM or 1400 AM.

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