The Meatery, a combination restaurant and retail fresh, all-natural meat store, will soon open in the former Rocky Mountain MoJoe building at 1001 Sheridan.

Cody Regional Health orthopedic surgeon Frank Schmidt, his wife Caety Schmidt, an anesthesiologist at CRH, and his brother Bo Schmidt are partners in the new venture.

Frank and Caety Schmidt moved to Wyoming in 1991. Shortly afterward they established Double Doc Ranch a few miles east of Cody and began raising and showing Missouri foxtrotters. They have since transitioned to mostly quarter horses and expanded the operation to include a location in Shell where they range cattle.

In 2017 they founded Wyoming Legacy Meats in Cody’s North Industrial Park. As the state’s first U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified slaughter and processing facility, it is known for its natural Wyoming beef products void of hormones and antibiotics. Bo Schmidt, who moved from the brothers’ hometown of Nacogdoches, Texas, to work as general manager, is an investor.

The Schmidts have hired a barista to create gourmet coffees and two managers: one for The Meatery restaurant and another for the retail store in back of the building where patrons may buy fresh beef hamburger, ribeye and other selections.

He said people may enter the meat shop through the back glass door and so changes to increase parking are in store. This will restrict use of the drive-thru to walk-up service; however, outside seating will remain.

The Meatery menu will include specialty sandwiches, barbecue beef and chicken, pulled and slash pork sandwiches and buffalo burgers.

“Hamburgers served there will be our hamburger,” Legacy Meats head butcher Ryan Scheid said. “Any beef on the menu is our meat.”

Scheid said they are combining the restaurant and retail meat sales in one building on a trial basis.

“If retail goes well, we will move to another location, then expand restaurant seating,” he said. “We didn’t want to start two (businesses) at the same time.

“We want to make sure both sides are profitable and it takes off the way we want it to.”

Plans are to open around June 1, Scheid said.

They are awaiting contractors to complete updates such as ventilation, electrical and plumbing to the former restaurant and coffee house, and some project logistics are still being worked out with the city.

The City of Cody Planning and Zoning Board on May 14 approved a freestanding sign for The Meatery.

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