People along Cougar Avenue can expect their treated water faucets to run dry during the daytime on Wednesday, and residents looking to drop off recyclables will find those services closed temporarily this week. 

“We certainly recognize this is an impact for everyone – for folks using the recycling center and residents and business along Cougar,” said public works director Phillip Bowman. “We appreciation everyone’s patience.”

On Friday, when its recycling baler malfunctioned, the city removed trailers from the Bomgaars and Walmart parking lots and closed the Cody Recycling Center. 

Bowman said one of the baler parts wore out and vibrated loose.

The recycling center will remain closed for about one week while the city awaits arrival of parts, he said.

A key piece of equipment, the baler, bought about a year and half ago, is primarily used to bale cardboard, but also bundles plastics and paper. 

Necessary replacement parts were ordered Friday, and Bowman hoped to learn on Monday the expected delivery date.  

“We anticipate they will come in this week, so our mechanics can fix the baler by the end of week,” he said. 

The parking lot recycling trailers were removed along with the center closure because they fill up quickly this time of year, and are typically rotated every 2-3 days,  Bowman said. 

Neighborhoods along Cougar between Blackburn and Freedom will be without treated water 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday while contractors connect the 12-lot Cougar West subdivision under construction to a city water main. 

Jerry Thiel and Sons Construction and Kip B. Thiel Construction are developing the 2.23-acre residential property between Cougar and West avenues. It’s about 150 feet east of North Street. 

Although the closure is primarily due to the new development, Bowman said while the contractor is doing its cut, city crews be on-site as well.  

“We plan to check our valves in the area and possibly install additional values while the shutdown is taking place,” he said. “Hopefully, if something of this nature comes up again, we won’t be shutting off such a large area.” 

Initially, the city announced plans to close valves starting at 8 a.m. Since then it adjusted the water shut-off time to 9. 

The water main service outage affects Shadow Mountain Subdivision and Cody Middle School to the east and extends west to Cody CrossFit. It does not affect Cedar Bluff Apartments. 

School is dismissed for summer break, therefore the closure will not affect classes.

“We’ve contacted the middle school,”Bowman said. “Some staff are working in building, so they’re aware of this outage.”

Go to for a map of the affected areas.

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