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With Park County Library Director Frances Clymer announcing her retirement, the library system will now embark on a search for a new leader to oversee its $1.7 million budget and 43 employees. Clymer has been in her role for almost 15 years.

“You’ve done a marvelous job for the library system and the county and I for one am going to miss you very much,” said Park County Commission Chair Joe Tilden to Clymer during the Tuesday meeting.

The library board will advertise the position in Wyoming and throughout a significant part of the West.

“Our goal is to hopefully get a number of persons who will file an interest and resume with us,” library board president John Gordnier said.

Clymer made $79,000 per year in her role but Gordnier and Park County Commissioner Jake Fulkerson on Tuesday appeared to shy away from wanting to pay a candidate as much.

“It’d be nice to see some room for salary growth in there and some savings for the county,” Fulkerson said.

The current salary range for the position listed on the library website is $63,000-$79,000. A master’s degree in library science, five years of library experience and two years of administrative experience are required to be considered for the role.

“We are competitive I think,” Gordnier said. “We have a lot of mid-level people in this area who we hope would be looking to move to a library director position.”

Applications received by March 20 will be considered first and Gordnier hopes to have the new library director working by May 1.

“That will give us a robust field of candidates to choose from,” he said.

Gordnier extended the invitation for commissioners to take part in the interview process, but said they would not have a voting privilege when it comes to choosing a candidate. Clymer said she will not participate in the interview process.

Commissioner Lloyd Thiel opposed an external hiring search because of the county’s current budget deficit and hiring freeze. Although county-funded, the library reports to its own board, and is technically excluded from the freeze.

Gordnier defended an external search.

“We need someone on board who can run the system, continue the service, and can work with (commissioners) and the (library) board as an effective advocate to get the policy up to speed and continue the high level of service that it provides,” Gordnier said to Thiel. “With all due respect, sir, I think we disagree.”

Clymer has advocated for a few different library-related causes in recent years including a new library in Powell and continued efforts to fill the Cody Library’s Biblio Bistro space. After sitting vacant for more than two years the Bistro now has an occupant serving food out of the space.

“It’s been a wonderful journey,” Clymer said.

To apply for the position and for more information visit

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