Desirae Gams

A Cody woman has been accused of leaving her young child unattended in a running car for the second time in four months while she was intoxicated.

Desirae Gams, 24, was arrested by Cody police Aug. 10 on a warrant for a state petition to revoke her probation, stemming from a third possession of marijuana sentence.

Gams was arrested in Thermopolis on Aug. 2 for child endangerment and interference with a peace officer. Authorities said her 18-month-old boy was left in her running Lincoln vehicle while she was inside the One Eyed Buffalo Brewery Company for about an hour.

She tested for a .16 blood alcohol content that night. Inside her purse two empty Corona bottles were found.

In April, Gams was accused of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest while her son was resting in her nearby Lincoln. Although never tested for alcohol during that event, officers said in the police affidavit related to that case she “reeked” of alcohol.”

Gams pled guilty to interference from a peace officer from that event.

In the most recent charge, two members of the public had reported seeing the child sleeping inside Gams’ unlocked and running car. Thermopolis officer Lindsay Pahl said windows were cracked inside the vehicle and it was warm, but not hot inside the car.

When entering the brewery Gams was found in the back patio of the building.

After being asked if she had been drinking Gams first told authorities she had “one kombucha.”

Officers followed Gams as she walked from the patio back into the main part of the brewery. After she “walked up to a storage cabinet and attempted to open the secured door” Gams then produced her driver’s license.

Officers noticed her “very glassy eyes” beginning to become bloodshot in conversation.

Gams said she had just arrived at the brewery for a cigarette and then later changed her time estimation to “15-20 minutes.” She refused to answer further questioning and stated she has a lawyer in Cody and police “can speak with them.”

Brewery staff said she had been there for about an hour.

After told she was under arrest and that her child would be taken into custody by Wyoming Department of Family Services, Gams began to cry and try to pull away from officers.

Her friend, Richard Johnson said the pair just came into the brewery and “had a taste” before staying too long. He said Gams “is a good mom and that she had messed up,” according to Pahl.

But it was also revealed Johnson had only known Gams for about a week and was about to leave the state for multiple weeks.

Gams is no longer in custody after posting a $500 cash bond. She attended a warrant hearing Aug. 13.

Per her bond conditions, she is forbidden from leaving Park County but is permitted to travel to Hot Springs County for a court hearing. She also must undergo random drug testing and report to the Park County Sheriff’s Office twice daily. Gams will have an evidentiary hearing at a later date.

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I wonder if anyone tasked with protecting this little boy has considered running a substance test on him. Sleeping for hours alone in a vehicle repeatedly seems questionable unless he was given something to induce sleep or has been deprived of sleep at other times.


Second time in 4 months leaving a baby unattended while she did what she wanted and to heck with the baby. Take this poor baby away from this unfit mother. Period. No excuses this time! And please which ever judge has her in front of them on this latest charge - throw the book at her. She obviously could care less about the law, which is bad enough but why should an innocent baby pay the price of her not being an unfit mother?

Disgusted taxpayer

Just imagine what would happen if a man had done this same dirty deed.



That poor child. There shouldn't be a THIRD chance - at that point, God forbid, it MAY be too late. The state should find a foster for the baby until the MOTHER undergoes TREATMENT - which she obviously NEEDS!


So, wait... Her "friend," who had known her for two weeks and gave her a glowing mom review, was also fine with leaving the toddler alone in an unlocked car. Poor child has no chance.


Correction “about a week”’ it’s too bad he couldn’t be arrested for allowing the “good mom” to leave her child in a running car for “a taste” I agree, poor child.

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