Wyoming Public Media’s Wyoming Sounds began airing in Cody on 89.1 FM on July 22.

Wyoming Sounds is dedicated to helping listeners discover new music and many well-known favorites. The 24-hour service was made possible by funding from the Guthrie Foundation. The full-power signal, KNWT, was passed to WPM by Northwest Community College in 2017.

KNWT 89.1 is now up to full power of 16,500 watts at a new site on McCollough Peak. Wyoming Sounds broadcasts from the Wyoming Public Media studios in Laramie.

Wyoming Sounds’ format has an emphasis on singer-songwriters and a wide variety of styles including acoustic, folk, rock, blues, soul, reggae and world music.

It adds elements of Americana along with Wyoming and regional musicians. It provides a platform for the growing music scene happening across the state and collaborates with many Wyoming artists, organizations and events.

The service is dedicated to helping listeners discover new music with a significant portion of the playlists reserved for up and coming artists. It features many well-known favorites hosted by current announcers Anna Rader, Grady Kirkpatrick, Paul Montoya, and Micah Schweizer, as well as other hosts.

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Oh how I lament the passing of Copy Editors and newspaper fact checkers.

Before you published this article this week , you should've taken a moment to tune in 89.1 Wyoming Sounds to double check. If you had, you would've heard ... nothing.

The new Cody tower for Wyoming Sounds has been off the air for at least the past ten days. I presume due to a lightning strike. The only other alternative for publishing a story about an off-air transmitter is more sinister , but if I put it into words here you'll kill the comment in the crib , for sure..

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