Site plans for small buildings in commercial districts recently met with city planning and zoning favor, demonstrating improvements are taking place in the middle and at both ends of Cody.

City of Cody P&Z Board members recently approved shed-sized buildings for Tread ‘N’ Trails, Skyline Motor Inn and the Northwest Rural Water District. 

Tread ‘N’ Trails, a utility terrain vehicle tour and rental business, was established east of Walmart last year at 405 Yellowstone.

The business, staffed by 2-4 people per day, is open May-October, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., seven days per week. 

After operating for one season on vacant land, owner Nathan Winninger of Powell sought permission to add to the property a prebuilt, 560-square-foot shed with a front porch and multiple windows.

City planner Todd Stowell said the add-on package to the utility shed significantly contributes to the building’s architectural quality. 

Winninger  explained the choice of color for the metal roof.

“We’re going white to keep from baking people inside of it,” he said.

The 1-acre site will feature landscaping that includes river rock, railroad ties, a split-rail fence, two trees and a bush to meet the city’s entry corridor 5 percent landscaping requirement for new development or redevelopment.  

The building does not have restrooms. In the past, customers had used restrooms at the adjacent Six Gun Hotel to the east. Stowell said that arrangement would no longer work.

“To do that, technically there would need to be an ADA path to the (hotel) door,” he said. 

As a temporary fix, he suggested using a portable toilet during the tourist season. It would need to be ADA sized and a pathway to the facility would need to be a hard surface with no more than a 2 percent slope to meet ADA standards.

The P&Z vote permits Tread ‘N’ Trails to use a portable toilet for three seasons, after which time the city will re-evaluate the setup.

Other conditions say the business must either screen the plastic toilet or place it behind the building so the facility is not readily seen by passersby. In addition, an ADA standard parking space is required for the portable toilet.

Other shed projects recently approved by the P&Z include: 

• A new, premanufactured 200-square-foot storage shed on Skyline Motor Inn property at 1919 17th. 

The shed replaces three old sheds near the west property line, according to Wilder Enterprises.

Once the new shed is up, a building on either side will be removed as well, said Utana Dye, city engineering technician filling in for Stowell. 

• A 1,600-square-foot cold storage shed in the southeast portion of the new Northwest Rural Water District property on Stone Street, in the Rocky Mountain Business Park.

The water district property is south of Sherwin Williams and adjacent to Federal Express.

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