Last Tuesday the Park County Animal Shelter posted on social media a big reduction in the adoption fee for cats – $25 through Saturday.

The reason? “We are out of quarantine and at cat-pacity!” the post reads.

The shelter had to quarantine its cat population for three weeks due to a deadly virus. However, the work of shelter employees and the assistance of the community ensured after an initial loss of 15 kittens to parvo, the 73 remaining cats all survived. 

Shelter manager Valerie Swensrund was thankful for the community help as staff embarked on a full cleaning of the cat area.

“We got lots of support with cleaning as well as supplies,” she said.

Feline panleukopenia generally infects kittens and cats with weak immune systems. 

The virus causes damage to the cells that line the intestines. It also attacks the bone marrow and lymph nodes, resulting in shortages of all types of white blood cells (panleukopenia) and of red blood cells (anemia).

All cats should have all three doses of the vaccine by the age of 1, but because each shot needs to be spaced out kittens are especially vulnerable. The community also stepped up to help in acquiring the vaccines necessary.

“We raised quite a bit of money to help cover the costs of the supplies and medications that were needed to care for the cats,” she said.

Now that hard work and community support has paid off and the shelter is looking to lighten the load of cats while giving potential cat owners a bargain along the way.

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