Park County Sheriff Scott Steward is warning residents to be aware of a fraudulent caller representing himself as a deputy from the Sheriff’s Office, calling residents stating that they have a warrant for their arrest. 

The caller, who has a heavy foreign accent, may also demand the victim send money or gift cards to avoid arrest. In the latest instance, the caller identified himself as “Sergeant Dan Walker” with the Park County Sheriff’s Office.

The number being used identifies as an actual number for the Sheriff’s Office. In this case, the victim told the caller to “go pound sand” and called the number back whereby she actually reached the sheriff’s administrative assistant. 

The caller is “cloning” a sheriff’s phone number to make the call appear more legitimate.

“The Park County Sheriff’s Office does employ a Deputy Dan Walker but in no way do we get involved with warrant notification via the telephone,” Steward said. “And we never solicit or accept money as payment for warrants, especially over the telephone.”

People who receive a similar call should attempt to get as much information as possible from the caller including the caller ID number and report it to the sheriff’s dispatch at (307) 527-8700. 

Do not send money or give the caller personal information. Tell them that you will deal directly with the court.

For any questions about whether or not a person has a warrant issued for his or her arrest, contact circuit court at (307) 527-8590 and verify the information. Some warrants are also issued through the municipal court at (307) 527-7511. Check the sheriff’s website at and click on the “Warrants” link on the left side of the page.

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