Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club has finally been returned the right to serve alcohol on a daily basis, but just when it seemed the golf course had chipped out of the legal rough that has plagued it for the past six months a new legal issue against the course entered the ring.

Teresa Corley Piper, a former Stampede Bar and Grill employee, spoke out against the Olive Glenn board Tuesday night at a Cody City Council meeting and said she has been discriminated from working at the golf course because of her past employment with the Swans, who owned Stampede Bar and Grill.

“So do you want to give a liquor license to someone who is not willing to hire employees because they worked with the Swans?” Piper questioned councilors. 

She said after making her desire known to continue working at the golf course, she was told by multiple board members that they would not be hiring any former Stampede employees.

Piper said she reported the alleged discrimination to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regional office in Denver.

Following Piper’s comments council approved transferring the liquor license back to Olive Glenn with a 5-0 unanimous vote.

“There is two sides to every story,” council member Landon Greer said. “Really, both parties have some fault in this but it was brought to the city. I kind of feel like it was to make headlines. Then we had the public hearing and representatives from both parties came up and were throwing bombs at each other. It kind of put council in the middle of this. All we’re trying to do is approve the liquor license.”

After the Swans left their restaurant premises at the golf course in April, both parties continued to dispute what would happen to the facility’s liquor license, which they claimed still belonged to them.

Lawyers representing the Olive Glenn board argued otherwise in court documents, citing an original lease agreement that stipulated the license would return to the golf course upon termination of the lease. The two parties reached a mediation agreement in July and all dust appeared to have settled.

Steve and Laurie Swan were in attendance Tuesday night but did not comment during the hearing. They have said previously they will make no further comments per the mediation agreement.

Greer was the only council member to share his thoughts during the public hearing on the situation. Councilor Heidi Rasmussen made the original motion to approve the license and Greer “grudgingly” seconded it.

If council had not approved the transfer the City would have permanently lost the liquor license.

“I’m going to vote for this, to keep it (liquor license) active,” Greer said. “I’m not happy about the way this went down but I am going to support this to move it along.”

Piper said she was requested for employment by Olive Glenn members, former pro Kury Reynolds and new pro Jeff Kipley, but Piper said that request was denied by the board and personally by former board president and still-current member Terry Skinner.

Olive Glenn Board Member Matt Wanner would not comment on Piper’s claims.

Other former Stampede employees, she said, have also been discriminated against from working at the golf course recently.

She said she is well-qualified to continue working the bar and grill at Olive Glenn, as she has worked at the golf course since prior to the Stampede opening in late 2017.  

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Fox Blue River

I wish I had never moved here from Casper. The negative, hateful attitude is unbelievable.


Wyoming is a right to work state. They don’t have to hire anyone they don’t want to. Seek employment elsewhere!


The latest example of the three ways to conduct business around here : the right way , the wrong way , and the Cody way. A sterling example at that.

It's not lost on me that if Nepotism were banished in Cody and Park-Big Horn counties, the unemployment rate would be somewhere near 35 percent...

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