Megan Hall

Megan Hall has compiled a large list of resources people are willing to donate for victims of the Fishhawk Fire.

When Megan Hall decided to start compiling materials and services for victims of the Fishhawk Fire, it wasn’t a new act of public service in her life.

“Being a leader in emergency management positions, I know there are resources out there and people who can have an impact on the community as a whole,” she said.

As soon as the Park County Sheriff’s Office called for evacuation of the Kitty Creek cabins and Buffalo Bill Boy Scout cabins near the fire on Wednesday night, Hall leapt into action, organizing supplies and tracking people offering help through Facebook.

Jack Tatum, homeland security director for Park County said Hall has been a major assistance for his department’s fire response efforts.

As of Thursday afternoon Hall had communicated with 25 different people and compiled a long list of outreach services they are offering including pastures for livestock, houses for pets, emotional support staff, life coaches, and people willing to donate their time, vehicles, and a handful of trailers. She also has received commitments from local hotels and motels offering discount rates to evacuees and people who will deliver food and water.

“The fact that people will do so much for people having to go through this shows that Park County has the biggest hearts around,” she said.

Receiving phone calls and messages non-stop since making her post, she said the “heartwarming” response has shown her what kind of character make up Park County’s local residents.

“I’m super excited about that opportunity to get people the help they need,” she said. “I haven’t seen this kind of response in a long time.”

Hall, 31, has only lived in Cody for one month but that didn’t stop her from getting involved, as emergency response comes to her like second nature, a former 9-1-1 dispatcher and emergency medical technician.

“Helping people is all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life,” she said.

Although no fire victims have reached out to her for help yet, this is likely due to the fact that few people were occupying the areas evacuated so far. If the fire continues to spread to the north and east this need could quickly change. In fact, after talking with staff at the UXU Ranch, a few miles east of the fire, she was told they will use some of her resources if they are required to evacuate.

Hall also has started a new Facebook group, "Park County Cares, WY" as a way to better consolidate communications between people looking to assist and those needing help. This page is being made with a long-term focus as she plans to continue managing the group as a permanent outreach destination for families and individuals in need.

“Not just for when a problem arises but any time homes and livestock are at risk,” she said. “It’s about tracking the resources available so if it looks like someone is in need we can dispatch accordingly. That way we if we have something we can get it to them.”

To join Hall’s list, contact her at 775-409-0105 or contact her on Facebook. 

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